Without subscription and free forever!

Virtual tours
for Real Estate
in just 5 min.

No App or PC work needed

1. Shoot a whole apartment in 360° in just 5 minutes!
2. Send the pictures to us. We take care of the rest.
3. Within 48 hours you’ll receive the finished tour link.

Without subscription and free forever!

Virtual tours
for Real Estate
in just 5 min.

No App or PC work needed

Efficient, fast & super easy

Virtual tours with simple and quickly understandable floor plans: reinterpreted exclusively for the screen and new designed as a navigation system for the tours. Perfect orientation and immediate overview of the distribution and size of the rooms thanks to the always visible navigation plans harmoniously integrated into the picture (with adapted Responsive Design also on the mobile phone).
NEW! Tour start with aerial or exterior picture as context view (see example).

This is everything you need:

1. Easy shooting

Shoot yourself a whole apartment
in 360 degrees in just 5 minutes!
Press the camera shutter button
once per room (no app or phone needed).

2. Send pictures

Send the pictures by e-mail to us.
We will take care of the rest.
Within only 48 hours you will
receive the finished URL tour-link.

3. Publish & Share

Publish immediately the tour
on your website, real estate portals
or share on social media.



The flexible 360° self-service perfectly combined with our photography & design quality.

  • Made-to-measure with a human touch. We're a small agency
  • Tours with emotional engagement (not automated not algorithmic)
  • Ground plans for screen as a navigation system new designed
  • Exclusive navigation system for multi-storey objects (+ garden)
  • Aerial or exterior photo integration as tour opening
  • Fullscreen presentation: automatic 360° slideshow and rotation
  • Visible floor area & perfect panoramas even on tiny spaces
  • Tours adapted to your corporate design (typography & colors)
  • Company-branded: virtual tours with your domain name
  • Wide target audience: ground plan easy & simple (immediate size visualization)
  • Customised social media sharing links (with your logo, image & text)
  • No monthly subscription: one-time purchase (5 years hosting included)
  • Individual B2B customer support

Full spherical

Real 360×180° panoramas.
Floor area completely visible.

Clear, bright and colourful HDR images

Plan always visible

Ground plan as navigation
system new designed.

Responsive Design: work on all
devices (iOS, Android, PC & Mac).


Real estate company logo
presented on the start page

& into the tour harmoniously
integrated & linked to your page

Price & examples

The production of one virtual tour costs €195/CHF195.- (Fixed price / all incl.)

e.g. for a 4.5 room apartment on one floor –

Included in the price:
✔︎ Ground plan for screen as a navigation system reinterpreted & new designed
✔︎ Photo editing: camera-kit itself and shadows/reflections removed / image enhancements
✔︎ Privacy protection: family photos on the wall and license plates digitally blurred
✔︎ Creation of the virtual tour with your company logo integrated (opening intro & inside)
✔︎ Spherical panoramas with the floor area 100% visible (Photoshop work)
✔︎ ID text for each room type as a pop up information (interactive floor plan)
✔︎ Highlights: most important rooms as tour start and best angles for each panorama picture
✔︎ 5 years web hosting (our domain) or unlimited (your domain) & 24/7 support service
NEW ✔︎ Integration of the aerial photo or the exterior photo* (if provided) as tour start
* it can be done with the mobile phone

Several apartments or several floors with garden

Exclusive and complex virtual tours with several floors/apartments + aerial image as tour start


Several apartments or floors

Exclusive and complex virtual tours with several flats/floors + aerial image as tour start


Send the camera files, it just can't be any easier!

First connect a Pen Drive to the camera, then to your mobile phone or computer and immediately send all the pictures directly to us.

Send now